20 February 2023

Meet our new Partners

We are particularly proud to introduce our new Partners at SOK SIPHANA & ASSOCIATES: 

Together, these professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our firm and are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of legal services.  

We are honored to have such a team of highly skilled legal professionals. 

Daron is a Senior Associate in Cambodia. He is qualified to practice law in Malaysia and has significant experience in multi-jurisdictional corporate transactions, real estate development projects, and the financial services industry in both countries. He has advised multinational corporations in infrastructure and power generation sectors and provided corporate advisory work in various industries, law reform, and due diligence exercises. 

Polina has been working in the Corporate Commercial practice group. Her expertise lies in assisting local and international investors with business expansion, market-entry, regulatory compliance, and registration requirements. Additionally, she has been approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia as a professional. 

Panha has extensive experience in advising companies on cross-border investments in various sectors, including telecommunications, banking, and real estate. He has also played a key role in the largest merger and acquisition of a financial institution in Cambodia. Panha currently provides general advice on banking regulatory compliance and licensing matters for several banks and financial institutions. He has advised a state-owned enterprise based in China on obtaining permits and licenses for their ICT business and has experience in the agricultural and public health industry. Additionally, he advises and assists the largest chemical producer and a German multinational pharmaceutical company on regulatory compliance matters, including permits and licenses. Panha has attended Senior Associate Training and was seconded to Zaid Ibrahim & Co’s Singapore Practice Group, where he worked on due diligence reports, corporate financing, transfer of facilities, and IPOs. 

Phirum is a registered lawyer with the Bar Association of Cambodia. He has extensive experience in commercial law, real estate, finance, and banking. Phirum is particularly skilled in communication and liaising with government officials, state agencies, and banks in Cambodia. With many years of experience, he has advised and represented numerous multinational corporations and financial institutions on licensing corporate compliance, and market entry. 

Leakena specializes in intellectual property (IP) law. She provides comprehensive advice on both domestic and offshore IP matters, assisting clients from all over the world with registration, compliance, prosecution, litigation, anti-unfair competition, and enforcement of their IP rights and infringement in Cambodia. Additionally, Leakena is part of the litigation practice group and helps to handle lawsuits before, during, and after the trial. 

With a team of 8 Partners now, our firm is more than ever ready for our continued success in delivering comprehensive legal solutions to our clients.