Employment and Human Capital Services

Our Employment & Human Capital Services practice is renowned. We have in-depth knowledge of the laws surrounding employment issues. Recognised as a market leader in this field by a number of prominent legal publications, the advice of our lawyers are constantly sought by local and multi-national companies for a wide spectrum of employment matters, including during a merger or reorganization exercise, or reviewing internal human resource policies, or advising on incentive schemes, recruitments and terminations, dismissals and discrimination, disciplinary issues, union issues or general compliance with employment laws. Our work in this area also extends to representing clients in the Cambodian labour arbitration for any contentious employment matters.

The broad experience of our lawyers enables us to offer clients swift, practical and commercially viable solutions and advice on employment law issues.

Mergers & Reorganisations

When taking on employment issues in the face of mergers, acquisitions, business reorganizations, outsourcing and the introduction of new processes or methods, the drafting of legal documentation is only one part of a delicate equation. Our experienced team also assists clients with the other equally important part, namely the method of delivery and appropriate communication strategy for voluntary separation schemes, workforce reductions or transfers of employees so that transitions are as smooth and seamless as possible.

Contracts of Employment and HR Policies

Our work extends to advising employers on their rights and obligations and also their employees’ rights when drafting employment and confidentiality contracts, or when reviewing existing employment contracts, HR policies, internal regulations and employee handbooks to ensure compliance with local legislation.

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