5 July 2024

Sok Siphana & Associates fully supporting UK & Cambodia Trade and Investment

SOK SIPHANA & ASSOCIATES was honored to be an active participant at the recent UK-Cambodia Trade and Investment Conference held in London, with our Managing Partner, Matthew Rendall, in attendance. 

Dr. SOK Siphana, in his capacity as Senior Minister and Chairman of the TPAB and CRI, played a key role in leading the Cambodian delegation and delivering a keynote address, highlighting the vast investment and trade potential Cambodia offers to UK businesses. 

Aligned with our vision, “At the heart of Cambodia and ASEAN dynamics,” SOK SIPHANA & ASSOCIATES fully supports initiatives that aim to strengthen trade and investment ties between Cambodia and the UK. We believe this conference marks a significant step forward in fostering closer economic cooperation between the two nations. 

The attendance of H.E. Tuot Panha, Cambodian Ambassador to the UK, and H.E. Dominic Williams, UK Ambassador to Cambodia, further underscores the importance of this event. The participation of approximately 50 UK companies also demonstrates the strong interest from British businesses in exploring opportunities within Cambodia. 

SOK SIPHANA & ASSOCIATES stands ready to assist all companies seeking to navigate the Cambodian market and capitalize on the exciting investment prospects it presents. 

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