Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution in Cambodia remains subject to a developing legal infrastructure.  The myriad of forums includes the court system, the National Commercial Arbitration Center and the Labor Arbitration Center.

Clients may find themselves having to bring actions to protect their interests or rights, or defend claims brought against them in both commercial and criminal matters. The ready use of injunctions in Cambodia can find a commercial enterprise having its business significantly impacted making it necessary to engage the services of a firm that is able to respond rapidly and effectively.

We have extensive experience and assist clients in each of Cambodia’s dispute forums both as plaintiffs and defendants.  Two of our partners have been extensively involved in the Arbitration centers, one as part of the team that created the Labor Arbitration Center (and also as its first arbitrator).  The other as a current member of the board of the National Commercial Arbitration Center as well as a current active arbitrator.

We have represented local and foreign, as well as multi-national companies, in hearings before the local and appellate courts as well as before the two Arbitration Centers. We have acted as local counsel and expert witnesses in foreign Arbitration proceedings in venues such as the Hong Kong and Singapore Arbitration Centres regarding Cambodia-related commercial disputes.  We have also represented clients in criminal proceedings.

How we can help you
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Shareholder Disputes
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