7 March 2024

Matthew Rendall and Khieu Mealy at Launch of ‘WorkWell with AIA’ Program

On 21 February, our Managing Partner, Matthew Rendall and Senior Partner, Khieu Mealy, attended the launch of ‘WorkWell with AIA’ program, hosted by AIA Cambodia.   

The AIA WorkWell initiative is a comprehensive wellness program offered by AIA Cambodia, aimed at enhancing employee health and motivation in the workplace to positively impact company performance. 

It addresses the growing recognition of workplace wellness as a key factor in improving overall employee well-being and productivity, within the unique socio-economic and cultural context of Cambodia.   

Matthew Rendall attended as an active board member of AIA Cambodia since the organization’s inception in 2017. More recently, Khieu Mealy has assumed the role of board member following the appointment of our Founding Partner, Dr. Sok Siphana, as Senior Minister to the Royal Government of Cambodia.  

Congratulations and long life to ‘WorkWell with AIA’ program. 


About the WorkWell initaitve by AIA  

The AIA WorkWell initiative is designed to be a comprehensive wellness partner for corporations, focusing on improving employee wellbeing within the workplace. Recognizing the significant amount of time employees spend at work, AIA Cambodia offers the WorkWell with AIA program as a critical component of credible benefit programs.  

This initiative aims to support companies in fostering a healthier, more motivated workforce, which in turn, contributes positively to the company’s performance. It offers ultra-competitive pricing for corporate companies, ensuring employees’ health and wellness, and provides various benefits, including coverage for unexpected medical bills and wellness enhancements for individual employees.  

For more details, visit the AIA WorkWell initiative page: WorkWell with AIA | AIA Cambodia