21 February 2024

Khieu Mealy awards scholarships to 6 students on behalf of Sok Khieu Samithi Art Association

On February 12, our Senior Partner, Khieu Mealy, in her capacity as the Chairwoman of the Sok Khieu Samithi Art Association awarded scholarships to 6 students from the Royal University of Fine Arts, Phnom Penh.  

The scholarships were granted for a period of 4 years and one for 5 years in the field of traditional music, writing, archeology and urbanization. 

Our firm is a proud supporter of The Sok Khieu Samithi Art Association, a Non-Profit Organization established in the name of Sok Khieu Samithi, a talented playwright who passed away on 22 October 2023.  

His most recent plays include 12-8 (2022), Wind Up Mice (2023), and The Thousand Deaths of Dignity (2024*). The objective of this Association is to achieve Samithi’s goal of making quality arts education accessible to Cambodian youth while encouraging them to pursue their passion towards their preferred fields of art. The Association provides financial aid to less fortunate students currently enrolled or soon to be enrolled in arts education courses.  

The Association welcome donations from those interested in supporting the development of Cambodia’s arts and theater sector. Should you or your organization be interested in financially supporting the Association in this endeavor please feel free to contact us.  

For more information about the Sok Khieu Samithi Art Association