No cancellation, No refund, and No return for Ebooks

On this website (“” or “Site”), the sale of our Ebook is the final sale. We will not accept any cancellation, offer any refund, and/or accept any return of the Ebook after the completion of the purchase by the customer (“Customer”). We highly recommend that the Customer carefully review the table of content and our summary note prior to finalizing the purchase.

Replacement Policy for Hard Copy Book (the “Item”)

The sale of the Hard Copy Book/Item is a final sale, which will not be cancelled or refunded.

If the Customer found that the item is wrong and/or damaged Item on delivery, the Customer may contact to discuss the possibility of replacement, the alternative solution (if any), and the delivery of the Item (if required).

The approval of such request for replacement shall be at the sole discretion of the Site.

Please note that the Item shall be returned unused, undamaged (save and except for the existing defect or damage on the delivery), in its original packaging, and accompanied by a receipt or proof of purchase.  The Customer will bear any delivery fee and return fee unless agreed otherwise by the Site.

The exchange is limited to one time only. We reserve full rights to refuse any return if we found anything abnormal or if the customer has a pattern of returning products inappropriately.