16 February 2023

Asia-Pacific Trusts Law vol.2 with Cambodia chapter available online

Matthew Rendall – Managing Partner of SOK SIPHANA & ASSOCIATES, and Soromnear Sin (Senior Associate) had the immense honor to be two of the key contributors to the Asia-Pacific Trusts Law, Volume 2 book (APTL Vol 2). 

In APTL Vol 2, our two authors presented their perspectives and research on the Application of Cambodia’s New Trust Law from a Practitioner’s View. 

Matthew and Soromnear’s research efforts were supported by Eszter Papp (Senior Foreign Counsel), Seyha Hab (Senior Associate), and Linna Seangly (Associate). 

About Asia-Pacific Trusts Law, volume 2: 

Leading legal scholars and practitioners from the Asia-Pacific region are gathered in this book to examine the ways that Trust law has been altered by different jurisdictions and to analyze their causes and effects. The contributions talk about how the trust system, which is naturally adaptable, has been modified to satisfy a variety of local needs, such as social, religious, economic, commercial, or even historical needs. However, these requirements and the way trusts law has been modified to satisfy them are typically not specific to a single jurisdiction; rather, they frequently (accidentally or otherwise) share a great deal in common with others. 

The two anthology editors of APTL Vol 2 are Ying Khai Liew and Ying-Chieh Wu. 

 Full Table of Contents

1. Introduction: Adaptation in Context
Ying Khai Liew and Ying-Chieh Wu

2. Resulting and Constructive Trusts in the Contemporary Singaporean Family Context
Man Yip
3. Marrying English Trusts Law with Chinese Customary Law? Historical Evolution and Modern Anomalies of the Tso/Tong in Hong Kong
Rebecca Lee

4. Religious Endowments and Trusts Law in Colonial India
TT Arvind
5. Adaptation of the Law of Trusts to Regulate Administration of Places of Religious Worship in Sri Lanka
Anton Cooray
6. Innovations within Malaysian Trusts Law: Labuan’s Trusts Law and the Hibah Trust
Hang Wu Tang

7. Trust in a Trustless World: Crypto-Asset Custodians, Trusts and Trust Regulations in Taiwan
Yueh-Ping (Alex) Yang
8. Adaptation in a Civil Law and Sharia Context: Trusts and Foundations in the Gulf Region
David Russell KC
9. Adaptation of Offshore Trusts in the South Pacific: Tension between Commercial and Social Needs
Katy Barnett

10. Trusts and Statutes in the Australian Federation
Matthew Harding
11. Trustee Duties in Thailand’s Statutory Trusts
Adam Reekie and Surutchada Reekie
12. Pakistan’s New Trusts Acts 2020: Adaptation to Regulatory Overkill
Muhammad Zubair Abbasi
13. The Trusts Law Legislation Project in New Zealand
Jessica Palmer
14. Adaptation Th roughout History: The Journey of the Israeli Trust from a Charitable Trust to an Estate Planning Instrument
Meytal Liberman
15. Application of Cambodia’s New Trust Law from a Practitioner’s View
Matthew Rendall and Soromnear Sin

16. Trusts in South Korea: Towards an Independent Fund Mechanism
Ying-Chieh Wu
17. Accessory Liability and Tracing: Modern Adaptations of Japanese Trusts Law
Masayuki Tamaruya
18. Intention in the Creation of Chinese Inter Vivos Express Trusts
Hui Jing

19. Trusts Choice of Law Rules in Asia-Pacific: Adapting to the Future
Ying Khai Liew

 To access the book: https://www.bloomsbury.com/au/asiapacific-trusts-law-volume-2-9781509954605/