Eszter PAPP

Senior Foreign Advisor
Phnom PenhSiem Riep
d.+855 23 999 878


Eszter is a Senior Foreign Counsel at SokSiphana&associates. For ten years, she advised foreign investors on the Hungarian construction and real estate market. She negotiated and drafted more than seven hundred real estate acquisition agreements in Hungarian, English, and French. She also got registered around one hundred companies onshore and offshore and assisted clients in their commercial transactions.

Eszter has a decade of experience in commercial litigation, including acting before the Supreme Court of Hungary. She represented clients in inter-country debt collection cases and in European insolvency procedures.

Besides her firm business law-related professional experience, she acted for clients in international inheritance procedures and has been trained to mediate cross-border child abduction cases.


Eszter was a trainee mediator and trainee lawyer in 2003. In 2008, she passed the Hungarian bar exams and opened her law firm in Budapest where she practiced as an attorney-at-law for ten years. She joined SokSiphana&associates in February 2018. She is a Ph.D. student researching cross-border litigation in the European Union and ASEAN.


  • Admitted to the Budapest Bar Association since 2008
  • LL.M in French Commercial law (Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris II)
  • LL.M in Hungarian and European Commercial Law (ELTE, Budapest)
  • LL.M in Law of Production and Trade of Wine (PTE-AJK, Pécs)
  • Master of Laws (Université Montesquieu, Bordeaux IV)
  • Juris Doctor (ELTE, Budapest)