30 August 2023
ASEAN, Cambodia

Dr. Sok appointed as a Senior Minister of the Royal Government of Cambodia

We are deeply honored to announce Dr. SOK Siphana, our esteemed Founding Partner, has been appointed to the prestigious position of ‘Senior Minister’ in charge of International and Multi-lateral Trade and Economic Relations in the Royal Government of Cambodia.

Dr. SOK Siphana‘s selection as Senior Minister is a well-deserved recognition of his exceptional contributions to the growth and progress of Cambodia and the broader region. Throughout his distinguished career, he has excelled as a lawyer, scholar, and diplomat, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to both public and private sectors. Notably, he held the position of Chairman at the Asian Vision Institute (AVI) and was formerly Chairman of the Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI), the country’s oldest and most reputable independent research institute.

In an official Royal Decree dated August 22, 2023, issued by the 7th Legislature of the National Assembly of Cambodia, Dr. SOK‘s role was elevated from Senior Advisor to that of Senior Minister. This promotion underscores the profound respect and trust placed in his capabilities.

The role of Senior Minister within the Royal Government of Cambodia holds great significance. As outlined by the Cambodian Constitution, the Council of Ministers forms the core of the Royal Government, headed by the Prime Minister, supported by Deputy Prime Ministers, Senior Ministers, Ministers, and Secretaries of State. Dr. SOK Siphana now stands as a pivotal member of this council.

His new responsibilities encompass guiding and offering support to the Prime Minister and fellow council members. In addition, he is tasked with overseeing specific areas of governmental policy implementation, ensuring their effectiveness. Furthermore, Dr. SOK‘s presence will be pivotal in representing Cambodia on the international stage, as he engages in various global events and meetings.

Dr. SOK Siphana is no stranger to Cambodia’s public service landscape, having held numerous significant roles within the government. Since 2009, he has served as an Advisor to the Royal Government. Simultaneously, he has maintained an active role as a practicing attorney and the Founding Partner of SOK SIPHANA & ASSOCIATES.

This appointment stands as a testament to Dr. SOK‘s relentless dedication to public service and his diligent efforts over the years. It is anticipated that he will continue to shape Cambodia’s future trajectory in meaningful ways, as he embarks on this new chapter as Senior Minister, bringing his wealth of expertise to the forefront of international and multi-lateral trade and economic relationships. His operational involvement in the law firm will cease, allowing him to fully focus on his crucial governmental role.

This appointment signifies a significant shift in his responsibilities, as he steps away from all private sector engagements, including his day-to-day operational role within our firm.

However, it is important to note that this transition will not impact the firm’s operations, as continuity has long been established under the guidance of Matthew Rendall. Khieu Mealy, Daron Wong with a new generation of talented Khmer Partners.

We invite all our partners, colleagues, and friends to join us in congratulating Dr. SOK Siphana on this remarkable achievement. His new role as Senior Minister in charge of International and Multi-lateral Trade and Economic Relations is a testament to his exceptional capabilities and dedication to advancing Cambodia’s growth on the global stage. Please feel free to extend your wishes and support to Dr. SOK as he embarks on this pivotal journey.

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