24 August 2023
ASEAN, Cambodia

Our ESG/CSR initiatives highlighted in Asia Business Law’s “A Greater Good” Intelligence Report

We are honored to share that our firm was recently remarked for our ESG/CSR initiatives by Asia Business Law Journal in its recent “A Greater Good” Intelligence Report on Asian Law Firms’ Pro Bono work, community engagement, sustainability, and staff welfare engagement.

The report’s preliminary comment gives a quite objective view of the current situation in Asia.
“Law firms have long recognized the importance of promoting access to justice and forging a culture that values and takes social responsibility seriously. Mastering legal concepts and building business acumen form an important part of a law firm’s offerings and success. However, providing meaningful opportunities and a solid growth plan for staff, promoting diversity and inclusion, and supporting the community go a long way towards recognition, reputation and employee retention.”

At the heart of Cambodia and ASEAN dynamics, it is within our philosophy to make a significant impact for everything we care about most and to bring positive change across our communities
SOK SIPHANA & ASSOCIATES is one of the only two Cambodian law firms touted for our “Greater Good” initiatives. The report highlighted notably:

  • Our diversity & inclusion effort with our Hiring policies that give opportunities to women leaders at the firm, resulting in 54% female staff and 50% senior female lawyers
  • Our pro bono work with a focus on women’s empowerment and children’s education
  • Our community engagement with our senior lawyers conducting training and teaching at the Royal University of Law and Economics in Phnom Penh.

At SOK SIPHANA & ASSOCIATES, our DNA is about caring.

In addition to the report’s highlights, we are also particularly proud to be one of the very few Cambodian law firm’s to have fully integrated in our operating model our team members’ well being. A profession notoriously known for its poor work-life balance with tight deadlines and long hours, SOK SIPHANA & ASSOCIATES has endorsed the Mindful Business Charter as one of our core initiatives, a set of best practice and behavioral principles drafted by British lawyers to tackle and reduce avoidable stress in the workplace.

The objective is to foster open and respectful communication within the workplace, ensuring that each employee has time to “switch-off” and staying mindful of boundaries between private and professional life. After hosting multiple events on the matter, SOK SIPHANA & ASSOCIATES became a signatory on 8 October 2020. Since then, we have worked towards cutting down on unnecessary meetings, making sure that employees are not pressured to work outside office hours, and encouraging broader dialogue on these issues within the firm, particularly during COVID.

Our ESG/CSR initiatives are much wider than these few examples.

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