24 June 2016

Zaid Ibrahim & Co. Featured in Malaysia SME

ZI - Malaysia SMEEffendy Othman, a Partner of Zaid Ibrahim & Co. (a member of ZICO Law), and ZICO Knowledge Services’ Knowledge Management Director, Sharon Wong were recently featured by the Malaysia SME in a series of articles on the upcoming Companies Bill 2015.

Published as a cover story in the 11th -24th June edition of Malaysia SME, Effendy and Sharon spoke at length regarding the various reforms and revamps that is stipulated under the new legislation and what this would mean for companies across the board.

Along with discussing the key reforms of the Bill which includes optional memorandums and articles of association, abolishment of par value and the introduction of two new corporate rescue mechanisms, Effendy and Sharon also highlighted scenarios wherein real life business practices may be altered by the bill.

Effendy, an experienced corporate and commercial litigator, whose main areas of expertise covers corporate disputes, restructuring and insolvency, also stressed on the importance for companies and corporations to begin preparing to embrace the changes under the act as the Bill does not represent piecemeal changes but a full revamp of the legislation itself.

To read more on Effendy and Sharon’s thoughts on the Companies Bill 2015, click here.

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