November 2019

The Emergence Of Coworking Spaces And Its Implications

Coworking spaces have increased in popularity as a result of growth in the freelancing economy, and advancements in technology. This trend not only impacts how people work and collaborate with each other, but also to the real estate industry in general, including landlords, developers and real estate agents. Competition to secure tenants has become more intense, and many are turning to the coworking concept and business model to offer a more attractive, affordable, and flexible alternative to the traditional office space. In this article, Jeyakuhan S K Jeyasingam, Partner in the Dispute Resolution Practice of Zaid Ibrahim & Co. (a member of ZICO Law) discusses the emergence of coworking spaces in Malaysia, and implications under existing legislation.

Subject matters: Property Disputes, Real Estate Litigation
Jurisdictions: Malaysia
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