Associate LORN Lienghuy speaker at the Supporting SMEs “Legal and Financial Insights for Sustainable Growth” Seminar

On August 18th, 2023, the Centre for Advanced Research and Legal Studies (CARLS) of Asian Vision Institute (AVI) and AmCham Cambodia, in collaboration with Khmer Enterprise and Cambodian Women’s Entrepreneur Association, hosted a seminar on Legal and Financial Insights for Sustainable Growth at Olympia City Hotel. The seminar aimed to provide practical and relevant information and guidance to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Cambodia on how to access finance and comply with legal regulations.

The seminar was attended by 85 participants from various sectors including SME owners, managers, entrepreneurs, investors, consultants, academics, and policymakers. The seminar featured presentations from expert speakers and panelists including our Founding Partner Dr. Sok Siphana as the keynote speaker and LORN Lienghuy, Associate at SOK SIPHANA & ASSOCIATES.

Lienghuy spoke on “Corporate compliance for accessing financial support”. She highlighted four key aspects:

i. Borrower’s components,
ii. Clear source of income,
iii. Guarantee of obligation,
iv. Company’s responsibility

We are proud of Lienghuy LORN’s contribution to this seminar and we thank CARLS of AVI, AmCham Cambodia, Khmer Enterprise, and Cambodian Women’s Entrepreneur Association for organizing this meaningful event.

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