5 August 2021

Construction site owners or managers should be aware of further COVID-19 related restrictions imposed by the Governor of Phnom Penh​ Capital Hall due to the current pandemic situation in Phnom Penh city.

With the recent circulation of a new COVID-19 variant in the community, the Governor of Phnom Penh Capital Hall has noticed an increase in community transmissions by employees and workers in all types of construction sites. Thus, it is deemed necessary to implement further restrictive measures to effectively contain the virus and limit the transmissions.

To ensure the safety, the well-being of employees, and to maintain healthy business operations and work environments in the construction industry, the Governor has instructed all construction site owners and managers in Phnom Penh to apply stricter guidelines on the COVID-19 protective and preventive measures such as:

  • updating the list of employees and workers’ information including names, contact details, and address to the Municipal Department of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction and District Administration to facilitate the tracking of direct and indirect contacts with COVID-19 positive persons at the same location;
  • providing face masks, installing hand sanitisers, and requiring employees to scan the QR code “Stop Covid” application before entering the sites;
  • cleaning the location inside and outside of construction sites once per week, and appointing a person to clean the rooms regularly;
  • prohibiting the selling of any food and beverage around the construction sites, except for monthly foodservice providers; and
  • preparing proper places to conduct rapid tests, quarantine, and treatment of the COVID-19 positive persons with non-severe cases.

The Phnom Penh Governor believes that upon the issuance of this notice, the construction site owners or managers, employees and workers, relevant parties to the construction sector will participate in the fight against this pandemic.

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(This alert is for general information only and is not a substitute for legal advice.)