14 February 2023

Seangly Linna Shares Insights on Commercial Arbitration

Credit Picture: National Commercial Arbitration Centre (NCAC)

Ms. Seangly Linna, an associate of our firm, had the opportunity to present at the Business Community Forum on Commercial Arbitration in Cambodia on 19 January 2023. 

Hosted by the European Chamber of Commerce Cambodia (EuroCham), and the National Commercial Arbitration Center (NCAC), this forum aims “to raise awareness on the subject and to share some insight on commercial arbitration in the context of certain specialized areas such as construction and corporate disputes.”

At this conference, Ms. Seangly Linna further examined the topic of commercial arbitration in Cambodia. Ms. Seangly Linna has successfully finished the NCAC-organized training course in commercial arbitration. In arbitration hearings before the NCAC, she has a great deal of expertise in performing legal research, analyzing cases, and drafting relevant submissions.

“The main reason for this is the increased awareness of the NCAC’s ability to handle and administer a case effectively, and as a result legal practitioners are starting to incorporate the NCAC’s arbitration clause in their contracts because they now believe disputes can be resolved this way in Cambodia,” she said. 

Cambodia’s National Commercial Arbitration Center (NCAC) plays a crucial role in resolving commercial disputes and promoting business activities. Since its establishment, the NCAC has successfully administered 31 cases totaling $90M, mainly in the real estate and financing sector. The benefits of arbitration include flexibility in proceedings, cost-effectiveness, and quicker resolution compared to the court system. Cambodia is a signatory to the New York Convention, making NCAC’s decisions enforceable in 170 countries. With its growing reputation, the NCAC has the potential to become a hub for international arbitration in ASEAN. As more international firms invest in Cambodia, the NCAC provides a convenient option for resolving commercial disputes with parties outside of Cambodia also welcome to use its services. 

As EuroCham Board Member Dr. SOK Siphana stated: “Why should Cambodia not become a regional center of expertise for arbitration? Cambodia can do it if we consistently provide an independent, fair, and just decision-making body and process for arbitration.