November 2019

The Rising Popularity of Initial Coin Offerings: Global Snapshot of Regulators’ Perspectives

An initial coin offering or ICO is a new method of capital raising used mainly by tech start-ups where new blockchain-enabled digital tokens are created and offered for public sale. Digital tokens under an ICO will typically entitle holders to a right derived from the business of the issuer, be it the right to a profit and/or a right of use and would often also be listed and tradeable on a cryptocurrency exchange for fiat currency.

Initial coin offerings are currently all the rage. In this article, Yap Lian Seng, Managing Partner of ZICO Insights Law LLC (a member of ZICO Law) together with Heng Jun Meng and Lee Chongshen share their insights on global regulatory stances towards initial coin offerings.

Subject matters: Alternative Capital
Jurisdictions: Singapore
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