November 2019

The Future of the Sun: Outlook on Large Scale Solar Projects in Malaysia and Indonesia

Globally, the development of utility-scale solar projects is thriving. China, United States and India were the top installers of utility scale solar energy in 2016. Within the ASEAN region, considerable effort has been made by its member states to tap into the huge reserves of renewable energy. Malaysia and Indonesia have introduced feed-in tariffs and regulations for RE, as well as other supportive policies such as tax incentives. Wong Kee Hooi and Afriyan Rachmad, ZICO Law Partners and Heads of our Projects Practice Groups in Malaysia and Indonesia respectively share their insights on the challenges and future for solar photovoltaic power generation in these countries. Their partner, Lilian Liew, Head of Debt Capital Markets and Structured Finance, also pitches in her thoughts on the financing aspects of these renewable energy projects.
Subject matters: Power and Renewable Energy
Jurisdictions: Indonesia, Malaysia
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