13 January 2015

New Foundations for Real Estate Deals

In Vietnam, the real estate sector has been an attractive investment field. However, it is also a challenging sector due to restrictions and complicated rules imposed on investors and real estate transactions. It is important to understand the new provisions in laws to take advantage of the investment opportunities provided.

The recent National Assembly session passed the Law on Enterprise, Law on Investment, Law on Residential Housing and Law on Real Estate Business. These new laws contain provisions which help to create a more transparent, consistent and conducive legal environment for domestic and foreign real estate investors alike. These provisions should help revitalise the real estate market by paving the way for investment and mergers and acquisitions.

David Lim, the Managing Partner of ZICO Law Vietnam recently outlines the main provisions of the new laws. The article was published in the Vietnam Investment Review in the 12-18 January 2015 issue.

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