4 March 2021

On 19 February 2021, the government announced the extension of online applications for category E (Business purpose) type visas. Previously, online applications were only applicable to tourist visas (Category T). See https://www.evisa.gov.kh/news.

How does this extension of online applications to business visas affect entry requirements into Cambodia?

The extension of this application procedure does not change any entry requirements but is only a change in application method. Note though, that this extension only applies to category E type visas (not other visa categories such as diplomatic and NGO visas etc).

With this online application procedure introduced, applicants may apply for the category E Visa without having to go to the Cambodian embassy in their home country. This should ease the entry visa application process as some travelers may face difficulties in accessing the Cambodian embassy/consular office in their home country given the restrictions on movement in some countries.

Does this mean the government is relaxing its measures?

It would not be prudent to interpret this as the government relaxing entry requirements. Entry requirements have not been changed in any way. You can learn more about this in our COVID Master Sheet which lists the current entry requirements and types of visas required for entry into Cambodia at this time.

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