Our Book

Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Cambodia

 SOK SIPHANA & ASSOCIATES has published a new book: Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Cambodia. Investors, legal practitioners, and students will find the book an authoritative and practical guide on various areas of laws that businesses in Cambodia must comply with.

The book is written by seasoned Cambodian lawyers who have substantial and robust connections with on-the-ground policy makers, and have been instrumental in shaping regulations within the country. This unique aspect makes this book the definitive resource for business law in Cambodia.

The reader will gain legal insights on many aspects such as:

  • Initial incorporation

  • Licensing

  • Asset acquisition

  • Taxation

  • Investment

  • Intellectual property

  • Insurance

  • and much more

Its content is derived from the years of hands-on experience of our lawyers and associates who handle cases of all types, sizes and complexity with some of the largest companies and investors in Cambodia.

The book is available for sale in Cambodia at Kinokuniya BookstoreMonument Books, and Relay. The e-book version is available on Amazon’s Kindle.