29 June 2016

London | ZICO Law Hailed For Innovative Legal Services Business Model | 29 June 2016

Citing ZICO Law Chairman Chew Seng Kok’s presentation at the recent FT Innovative Lawyers Summit in London, Dr George Beaton, a leading independent authority on professional services firms, highlighted ZICO Law’s unique regional multidisciplinary organisational structure and encouraged legal service providers to adapt to a business model that focuses on providing clients with adjacent services in addition to practicing law.

Lauding ZICO Law as an example of ‘how to get the best of all worlds in a legal services business model’, he further remarked that the evolution of law firms to include a range of multidisciplinary services would be advantageous in lowering costs, increasing brand identity and building real equity.

ZICO Law’s innovative approach was also quoted as being a “perfect example of the hallmarks of a NewLaw firm” and features a business model that ‘demonstrates one way traditional BigLaw firms can remake themselves’.

Dr George Beaton has served as an advisor and researcher with law and other professional services firms for 25 years. In 2013 he authored the e-book NewLaw New Rules which focuses on the rise of the NewLaw model.

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