5 September 2016

Laos l Aristotle David Speaks on Laos Legal System to Asian Legal Business (ALB)

ZICO Law Laos Managing Partner, Aristotle David was recently featured by Asian Legal Business (ALB) in its article entitled ‘Laos Market Report: A Gentle Awakening’.

Aristotle shared his view on the steady rise of both local and foreign law firms in the country and highlighted some of the changes needed, particularly in terms of English literacy among local lawyers if Lao is to compete with other ASEAN countries.

“There is a need to improve legal education by having courses which address international legal trends and issues and training legal interns on critical legal analysis and writing,” suggested David.

The article, which described Laos as a developing economic player in the region further referred to ZICO Law Laos as among the nation’s key legal service providers.

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