23 January 2023

Khieu Mealy guest speaker at ‘Succession and Succession Creation’ Seminar

Mrs. KHIEU Mealy, the Senior Partner, and Arbitrator at SOK SIPHANA & ASSOCIATES was honored to participate as a guest speaker at the “Succession and Succession Creation” seminar organized by the Ministry of Information and Cambodian Woman for Peace and Development (CPWD). 

The “Succession and Succession Creation” forum was held on 29th December 2022 at the Sathya Hall of the Ministry of Information with the objective of assessing the relevance of the law and practice in Cambodia covering Succession. 

On this occasion, Mrs. Khieu Mealy acknowledged the critical importance of a thorough understanding of the succession types and successor qualifications as it would ensure one’s rights to acquire the inherited properties. She further gave an explanation covering succession practices and exceptions that can be applied to Cambodia and foreigners.

Succession was formally covered in the law in Cambodia in 2007. However, most Cambodians do not comprehend the different aspects of succession. The seminar raised the awareness of general description and information about disqualification and the types of succession under the Civil Code of Cambodia.