22 May 2023

Highlighting ASEAN Matters: Dr. SOK Siphana’s Keynote at the 2023 Leadership and Partnership Forum

Credit Picture: KSI Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific


Dr. SOK Siphana, our Founding Partner, was recently honored to be a speaker at the 2023 ASEAN Leadership and Partnership Forum, organized by the KSI Strategic Institute in Jakarta, Indonesia on 11-12 May.

During his keynote address, Dr. SOK emphasized the significance of ASEAN economic integration and the vast potential it holds for businesses and investors.
He underscored the importance of recognizing and capitalizing on the collective strengths and synergies of the ASEAN member states, advocating for increased cooperation and collaboration to leverage the region’s burgeoning opportunities.

“ASEAN’s economic integration is a transformative force that enables businesses to expand their footprint, attract investments, and access a market of over 650 million people. By embracing regional cooperation and streamlining regulatory frameworks, we can create an environment conducive to sustainable growth and prosperity for all.”

Dr. SOK also shed light on the challenges and pressures faced by ASEAN in navigating the complex landscape of regional and national interests. He emphasized the need for strategic planning, policy harmonization, and the development of a robust legal framework to ensure a seamless integration process that benefits all member states.

Highlighting the role of technology and innovation in driving ASEAN’s growth, Dr. SOK stressed the importance of embracing digitalization, promoting research and development, and fostering an ecosystem that encourages entrepreneurship and creativity.

“In today’s rapidly evolving global landscape, it is essential for ASEAN to embrace digital transformation. By leveraging technology, we can unlock new opportunities, enhance productivity, and bridge the digital divide. Furthermore, investing in research and development will drive innovation and enable us to stay competitive on a global scale. We must foster an ecosystem that supports entrepreneurship and creativity, providing startups and innovators with the necessary resources, mentorship, and regulatory frameworks to thrive. By doing so, we can unleash the full potential of ASEAN’s talent and drive economic growth in the region.”

Dr. SOK’s participation in the forum exemplifies SOK SIPHANA & ASSOCIATES’ steadfast dedication to fostering economic development in Cambodia and ASEAN. Our unwavering commitment is demonstrated through its continued provision of comprehensive legal services and strategic guidance to both local and international businesses. With a clear focus on unlocking the immense potential of the region, SOK SIPHANA & ASSOCIATES remains resolute in its mission to support and empower businesses in leveraging the abundant opportunities available.

Read the FULL SPEECH of Dr.SOK.

About Leadership and Partnership Forum:

The Leadership and Partnership Forum is a leading forum organized annually by KSI Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific (KSI) that brings together leaders from government, business, think tanks, and civil society. The forum updates participants on the major trends, key issues, and business and investment opportunities in ASEAN. The forum also engages civil society organizations and think tanks on the way forward for sustainable and inclusive development.

The theme of the forum this year is “ASEAN Matters – Centre of Growth, Opportunities & Prosperity”. The event saw the participation of nearly 300 attendees from ASEAN countries and beyond. It was graced by esteemed guests of honors, including H.E. Dr. (H.C.) H. Mochamad Ridwan Kamil, Governor of West Java, Republic of Indonesia, H.E. Dr. Chhem Kieth Rethy, Minister Delegate, Attached to the Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Industry, Science, Technology, and Innovation, Cambodia, and H.E. Sandiaga Uno, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Indonesia.