2 July 2021

Dr. Sok Siphana CIETAC’s Panel of Arbitrator

Dr Sok Siphana, Founding Partner of SokSiphana&associates (a member of ZICO Law), was admitted to the Panel of Arbitrations for the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) on 01 May 2021. Dr Siphana has been selected out of thousands of applicants and being the only arbitrator from Cambodia in CIETAC Panel of Arbitrators.

CIETAC is one of the major permanent arbitration institutions in the world. It provides parties with traditional commercial arbitration services and alternative dispute resolution services, including but not limited to domain name dispute resolution, online arbitration, investor-state dispute resolution, and construction dispute review.

On behalf of ZICO Law, we congratulate and fully support his contributions to the commercial arbitration services.

Letter of Congratulation