8 December 2023

A proud moment on launching our Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Cambodia Dual Language

Sok Siphana & Associates proudly presents the second edition of its extensive business law journal, crafted to benefit the academic sphere and the private sector.

This comprehensive resource is available in hardback at local capital bookstores and globally as an e-book on Amazon’s Kindle platform. Established in 1998 by Dr. Sok Siphana, a current Senior Minister in the Royal Government of Cambodia, the firm stands as a stalwart in the legal domain.

Matthew Rendall, the firm’s managing partner, expressed their commitment to legal education. “Our track record of publications on Cambodian law spans back to the 1990s, tailored for academic and investor communities,” Rendall shared. The journal, he emphasized, caters to both demographics, serving as an academic tool and a user-friendly guide for laypeople, business professionals, and investors.

Detailing their meticulous approach, Rendall outlined the journal’s creation: “Our various practice groups meticulously compiled advice memos in response to client inquiries throughout the year. We transformed these insights into a practical legal investment guide, eschewing theoretical musings for pragmatic solutions.”

Our Article on Khmertimes: https://www.khmertimeskh.com/501399921/law-firm-produces-dual-language-business-journal/

This edition’s credibility extends beyond the firm’s expertise. Government officials reviewed several legal aspects covered in the journal. Additionally, the firm diligently collaborated with relevant government institutions to ensure precise interpretation of untested laws, enhancing the journal’s authority and relevance.

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