7 December 2023

A Proud Moment for Cambodia: A Remarked Presence in the Global Business Dialogue at the 2023 GCET Summit

Over November 6-7 last week, our Founding Partner now Senior Minister with the Royal Government of Cambodia, Dr. SOK Siphana, led a delegation to attend the Global Chinese Economic and Technology (GCET) Summit, themed ‘Great Reset: Powering Growth, Technology and Regional Prosperity’ in Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China. The Summit was jointly organized by the China Development Institute (CDI) and KSI Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific (KSI).  

The main goal of the two-day summit was to enhance the economic and trade relations among the countries that are part of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). 

It was attended by prominent government officials from Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Australia and Canada. Over two days, the seminar featured 50 speakers representing China, ASEAN countries, and other regions. 

The summit focused on economic and trade opportunities, the importance of green energy, and the transformative power of the digital economy, areas where Cambodia is making strides. 

During the GCET Summit, Dr. Sok emphasized the changing global order and the need for strengthened multilateral cooperation to address 21st-century challenges. He noted BRICS’ rise as a key economic player and the challenge of diversifying trade from China.  

He highlighted China’s deepening strategic partnership with ASEAN since 2003, leading to economic integration and infrastructure development through the Belt and Road Initiative and the ASEAN Master Plan.  

Dr. Sok also pointed out China’s role in boosting Cambodia’s manufacturing sector through substantial infrastructure investments. Additionally, he explored trade and investment promotion between Cambodia, China, and Hong Kong in meetings with prominent business leaders. 

More on this event: Cambodia takes part in 2023 GCET Summit – Khmer Times (khmertimeskh.com) 

As a law firm with a foundational goal to elevate Cambodia’s position in international business, we celebrate this event, and many more to come, and remain committed to contributing to our nation’s thriving future. 

*Our Founding Partner, Dr. SOK Siphana, is no longer a practicing attorney, in light of his recent appointment as Senior Minister to the Royal Government of Cambodia.