Our Services


SokSiphana&associates is focused on delivering astute and pragmatic business insights with local expertise and a strong understanding of ASEAN values.

We provide the following services:

Banking & Finance

Our experience on local conditions gives us an advantage in providing tailor-made advice to our clients on corporate banking, loans and project finance. We offer a wide range of diverse service to leading corporate players and banks in the ASEAN region. On a larger scale, we have advised on licensing and establishment of banks and financial institutions.

Corporate Commercial

Our highly resourced team is committed to assisting our clients with their investment opportunities while looking at ways to mitigate risk. We regularly advise on the legal framework governing businesses in the ASEAN region. Our services include corporate advisory, commercial and business contract, joint ventures and shareholders agreement, mergers and acquisitions and corporatisation of state-owned enterprises.

Intellectual Property

We believe that Cambodia, like the other Least Developed Countries, have yet to realise the full value of intellectual property as a source of growth. Hence, our focus is on helping the people, companies as well as the government in creating, implementing, and enforcing a regulatory framework for intellectual property that spurs competitiveness in domestic industries, enables trade and investment and protects the country’s cultural heritage. Our knowledgeable team guides and assists clients on various aspects of intellectual property including:

  • Distinctive signs
  • Innovative products and processes
  • Cultural, artistic and literary works
  • Denomination for goods of a given quality or reputation attributable to the geographical origin
  • Trade secrets

International Trade

We take pride in assisting in the development of the nation. While we have carved our names in an advisory role to the government in implementing the WTO agreements and Trade Related Technical Assistance, we also have the requisite experience in trade policy and development, with a focus on Private Sector Development (SMEs) and trade promotion. Our expertise ensures sound advice in strategic planning, enterprise competitiveness and trade facilitation programmes.

Law Reform

We are well placed to provide our expertise in legislative drafting to support various ministries develop or improve their legislative and regulatory agenda. Our legal experience with Cambodia which goes as far back as the early 1990s, places us in a privileged position to support the Government efforts in developing a coherent legislative programme. Our intimate knowledge of the Cambodian legislative process enables us to assist the Government to draft laws and regulations with the full appreciation of the Rule of Law norms which speak to issues of constitutionality, legality, consistency of interpretation, transparency of administration, publication of all laws, guarantees of due process, respect for human rights and a predictable and transparent framework of rules and institutions for the conduct of private and public business.

Projects, Infrastructure and Utilities

Economic growth and globalization have created more demands for efficient infrastructure systems. The Cambodian government now turns to private developers, investors, and operators as the source of new or improved facilities in urban infrastructure (water and utilities) and transport – ports, roads, airports, and rail.

Our sector expertise covers:

  • Construction projects – Concession contracts, joint ventures, construction contracts, subcontracts, architectural work agreements, technical service agreements, project management agreements, operational management agreements, “BOT” (Build-Operate-Transfer) and “BOOT” (Build-Own-Operate-Transfer) agreements
  • Infrastructure and Utilities – Power Purchase Agreement with the Electricité du Cambodge, Implementation Agreement with the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy, Generation License with the Electricity Authority of Cambodia, mining concession agreements.

Real Estate

Our services are focused on delivering the necessary advice on real property, development, real estate management agreements and real estate financing. We provide a wide range of services from title deed transfer to property acquisitions.


Our team provides the necessary services in tax and VAT registration.