Dr. Sok Siphana – Mentor of a Generation

Dr. Sok Siphana, Managing Partner of SokSiphana&associates (a member of ZICOlaw), was recently interviewed by China Daily Asia Weekly as an aspiring mentor to the younger generation.

Mentor of a generation

Source: China Daily

In Khmer, or Cambodian, the term “lok kru” translates to “village teacher”. Similar to the Mandarin word “shifu”, it refers to one who passes knowledge to the next generation and provides guidance.

Sok Siphana is proud to be known as “lok kru” at home in his native Cambodia. “I find that thtle very heartwarming,” he says. “Being a mentor of the young generation is like seeing the bamboo shoots grow.”

A man of many roles, Sok is currently chairman of the Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI), a senior adviser to the government, a practicing lawyer heading his own firm, and even a host of a popular TV policy talk show.

After spending six years as Cambodia’s vice minister of commerce, until 2005, Sok says he has found a new balance in his life. Being the chairman of Cambodia’s most prestigious think tank allows him to be independent, but also influential.

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